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Why Atrium Medical Center?

Atrium Medical Center provides care and services to patients and their families. Our goal is to make treatment as positive as possible, while causing the least amount of disorder to their daily lives.

Advanced, Comprehensive Cancer Care

Atrium's Cancer Program includes advanced imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and clinical research breakthroughs—all close to home.

Our comprehensive scope of services is clinically and technologically advanced, with current capabilities for cancer care in the northern Cincinnati and southern Dayton region. 

The Compton Center

Our cancer center is conveniently located in The Compton Center building, with its own private entrance and registration. Radiation Oncology, Infusion Therapy and 

Chemotherapy, are just one floor apart, an added convenience for patients whose treatment plan calls for both. Learn More About the Compton Center

Multiple Therapy Treatments

When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it is important to explore all the options available. One or more therapy methods may be used when designing a treatment plan. It is common to use several treatment methods, together or in sequence, with the goal of preventing recurrence. This is referred to as multimodality treatment of cancer.

Choice of cancer treatment is influenced by several factors, including the specific characteristics of the patient’s cancer, overall condition and goal of treatment.

Learn About Surgical Procedures

Learn About Medical Treatments

Clinical Research

Clinical trials―also known as clinical studies or research protocols―are studies designed to find new and better ways to treat patients with cancer.

Atrium Medical Center’s cancer clinical research service provides access to an extensive list of protocols. Clinical trial participation remains the national standard for quality and comprehensive care, and demonstrates our program’s desire to achieve the highest level of care. Learn more about participation in our clinical trials

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and clinical staff are experienced in cancer care. This team collaborates on each case to provide personal, tailored care throughout the treatment process using the most currently available techniques, therapies, clinical research protocols and comprehensive support. Learn More

Content Updated: January 28, 2015

Premier Health 2015 Oncology Report to the Community

The Premier Health 2015 Oncology Report to the Community provides details on oncology services throughout Premier.

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