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Education and Support

The Diabetes Wellness Center schedules appointments based on the patient’s individual needs. Call the Diabetes Wellness Center at (513) 727-5475(513) 727-5475 to learn more about our services.

Diabetes Education Programs 

Patients learn about the disease process, healthy eating habits (including carbohydrate counting/budgeting), medication management, coping with a chronic disease, exercise and foot, skin and dental care.

Educational topics include how to:

  • Monitor blood glucose levels effectively
  • Modify behavior, set goals and reduce risks
  • Use of health care and community resources

Based on individual needs, additional topics may include:

  • Insulin administration
  • Insulin pen use
  • Injectable diabetes medication administration
  • Intensive insulin management (insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios and pattern management)
  • Pre-insulin pump instruction
  • Preconception counseling
  • Gestational diabetes management

Schedules vary each day. Our staff schedules patient appointments based on their individual needs, and based on the benefits for diabetes self-management training provided by their insurance carrier.

A variety of educational formats are available:

  • Individual consultations
    • You’ll meet one-on-one with diabetes educators, including a registered nurse and registered dietitian.
    • The program typically consists of one initial and two follow-up appointments at four-week intervals.
    • Further individualization is available as needed
  • Group education
    • This format includes a limited individualized component.
    • You’ll meet in a group setting for three sessions, for a total of nine hours
    • You’ll meet one-on-one with the diabetes educators for one additional hour.
    • Diabetes educators provide education in an initial four-hour group setting with all follow-up completed during one-on-one consultations.

AK Steel Foundation Diabetes Resource Library

Our Diabetes Wellness Center has an on-site diabetes resource library that provides diabetes information, including listings of diabetes support groups. The library resources are available to anyone—individuals diagnosed with diabetes and those who just wish to learn more about diabetes in order to help a family member or friend.  There is also a computer workstation available for individuals and family members who want to research diabetes information online. A generous donation from the AK Steel Foundation has made the Diabetes Resource Library possible.

Fidelity Health Care: Home Care for Diabetes

Meeting patients’ specific needs is the goal of Fidelity Health Care (FHC). Our clinicians provide customized, at-home diabetes education and diabetes care designed around the patient. The education Fidelity Health Care provides follows American Diabetes Association guidelines.

Education may include:

  • Insulin administration
  • Use of a blood glucose meter
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Basic diabetes survival skills

A doctor’s order is required for FHC diabetes care and/or lab work. Learn more about Fidelity Health Care.

Online Resources 

Learn About Diabetes

Live Well, Stay Well

Learn how to manage diabetes with valuable articles and tips. Here are few of the most helpful ones:

Premier Health Library

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about diabetes. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for a surgery and much more.

Content Updated: May 11, 2016

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