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Our Team

Our highly-trained physicians, experienced nurses and caring staff are here to make this the best possible experience for you and your baby. Several members of our team will be supporting you during your pregnancy, delivery and hospital stay.


Medical directors – These highly-trained physicians are the hospital’s clinical leaders, working to oversee quality care and implement appropriate procedures, policies and programs.  

Obstetrician – Obstetricians work closely with expectant mothers throughout pregnancy and after childbirth.  

Pediatrician – A physician who specializes in the development and care of infants and children and in the treatment of their diseases.


Labor and delivery nurses – Nurses that monitor progress and guide patients through labor, delivery and immediately postpartum.

Mother-baby nurses – These nurses care for mothers and babies after birth until they are released to go home.  

Birth and family educators –Registered nurses that are certified in childbirth education, and teach our birth and family education classes, covering topics such as labor and delivery, breastfeeding and infant care.

Internationally board-certified lactation consultants – Our dedicated staff provides breastfeeding support and education before, during and after your hospital stay. 

Prenatal Care Team

Perinatologist – Specialized obstetricians who diagnose and treat disorders during pregnancy and childbirth.

Ultrasound technicians/sonographers – Someone who performs and interprets prenatal ultrasounds.

Genetic counselors – The counselor consults with individuals and their families about potential birth defects or genetic disorders, their risk for inherited conditions and their treatment options.  

Neonatal Care Team

Neonatologist – A pediatrician specialized in managing newborns with respiratory disease, infections, birth defects, prematurity or critical illnesses.

Respiratory therapists – Should a child be born with a respiratory issue, these highly-trained specialists will work with the rest of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care nursery team to provide care through various breathing treatments.

Support Staff

Social worker – If needed, we can connect you to one of our staff social workers who can help counsel individuals and families in a hospital setting dealing with social, emotional or environmental problems. 

Pastoral care counselor –A highly-trained, diverse group of professionally-educated chaplains representing many faith traditions is available 24/7.  

Patient care technicians – This person works under the supervision of a registered nurse, physician or other health professional to provide basic patient care such as taking vital signs, obtaining blood and urine samples, performing basic diagnostic tests and assisting the physician as needed.

Health unit coordinators – This person ensures the efficient operation of hospital and medical offices by performing administrative and clerical tasks, such as maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments and communicating with other health care professionals.

Environmental services staff – These staff members are responsible for laundry, safe disposal of materials and general maintenance of safety and housekeeping.

Nutrition services staff – These staff members prepare and serve meals to patients. Our staff works hard to ensure patients are served hot, fresh, nutritious meals that suit any specific nutritional need or request.

Content Updated: May 11, 2016

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