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Early Diagnosis, Good Care Leads to Good Outcome

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Early on in Stephanie Washburn’s pregnancy, she was experiencing heavy bleeding. She went to the emergency room where her physician told her she was having a miscarriage. Stephanie sensed something was wrong and began the search for a new doctor.

Stephanie found Greg Siewny, MD. One of the first things Dr. Siewny did was test Stephanie for diabetes. “I was surprised to find out I had gestational diabetes,” Stephanie remembers. Although gestational diabetes is not unusual, it’s important to be diagnosed and get the right care. Women with gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of a premature delivery and Stephanie is convinced getting the care she needed from Dr. Siewny stopped her from delivering even sooner than she did.

While at home one day Stephanie started to experience labor pains. Over a short amount of time they were stronger and closer together. She knew she needed to get to Atrium Medical Center quickly. Upon arrival at Atrium, medical staff got Stephanie to labor and delivery very quickly.

Within two hours of arriving at the hospital, Stephanie had a new baby girl, Audrey Noelle. She was six weeks early and very healthy. Stephanie can’t say enough good things about her experience at Atrium Medical Center. “I was treated like a person and because I was diagnosed (with gestational diabetes) when I was and got the treatment I needed, it made all the difference in the world.”

Content Updated: December 10, 2014

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