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Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Services

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy services are offered on an out-patient basis.

If you experience frequent pain or are limited in your daily activities due to an accident, injury, or illness, or if you would like to enhance your performance in a sport, Atrium Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy may be able to help. Our highly skilled staff provides outpatient physical therapy to patients who are experiencing pain or limited movement, as well as sports enhancement programs. We offer the following services:

Physical Therapy

If you have pain or are restricted in your daily activities, our staff will work closely with your doctor to design and implement a personalized treatment program. We use manual procedures and exercise, plus education, to improve your strength and range of movement while decreasing your pain.

Our program begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine how we can best restore your physical capacity. Then, we design each treatment session to address your current condition and promote future health.

Aquatic Therapy

In addition to traditional physical therapy, we offer aquatic therapy. Exercising in the water provides shock absorption and support to your body's joints and muscles. Aquatic therapy allows you to benefit from exercise without placing stress on your body. Plus, the warm water and hydrostatic pressure improve your circulation and decrease swelling.

While some states (including Ohio) recognize traditional and aquatic physical therapy, most insurance companies still require a prescription, particularly for aquatic therapy. For more information about physical therapy, ask your doctor or contact the Atrium Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy location nearest you.

Balance Assessment and Fall Prevention Training

Many people do not realize that their risk of falling increases significantly when taking multiple medications or after 65 years of age. These falls, which often occur at home, can cause hip or wrist fractures resulting in a loss of independence or other medical problems. Our Balance Assessment and Fall Prevention Training program is designed to help individuals who might be at risk for falling and injuring themselves.

The program begins with an evaluation of strength, flexibility, balance, and functional mobility by a physical therapist. Your therapist may recommend a customized physical therapy program or the use of a cane or walker for safety and injury prevention. We also offer a Home Environmental Checklist to help you make your home safer.

If you would like more information about our Balance Assessment and Fall Prevention Training, ask your doctor or contact the Atrium Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy location nearest you.

Pitch Kinetics

Overuse injuries in youth and high school baseball pitchers are growing at an alarming rate. Many pitchers are throwing too many pitches too early with incorrect mechanics, resulting in shoulder and elbow injuries. Our Pitch Kinetics program helps baseball pitchers of any age reduce their risk of injury and improve their athletic performance.
Our comprehensive, integrated Pitch Kinetics program includes:

  • Baseball-specific screening and assessment of flexibility, strength, and posture
  • Video analysis of throwing mechanics
  • Instruction on drills and techniques to improve throwing mechanics
  • Baseball-specific conditioning program
  • Physician referral if needed

Pitch Kinetics is offered at our Lebanon center. Sessions provide one-on-one instruction with an orthopedic physical therapist. Initial sessions are 60 minutes with follow-up sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes each. Please call 513-934-3850 for an appointment or additional information.

Do you have questions about aches, pains or injuries? Ask a Physical Therapist!

Stop by Atrium Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Middletown or Lebanon on the first Monday of every month to talk to a Physical Therapist.

Middletown - 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Atrium Family YMCA, front entrance
5750 Innovation Drive
Middletown, Ohio 45005
(513) 420-5013

Lebanon - 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Countryside YMCA in the cardiostrength center
1697 Deerfield Road
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
(513) 934-3850

Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit (PASP)

Whether you're a full-time coach at a local school, a part-time coach with your child's sports team, or someone who supervises students after school, you are responsible for the well-being and physical safety of the children in your care. At Atrium Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy centers, we can help prepare you for this responsibility with our Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit (PASP) classes.

The PASP program qualifies participants to apply for the Ohio Department of Education's PASP — a requirement for all coaches according to Ohio High School Athletic Association regulations. Each certificate is valid for three years and should be renewed in the final year of certification.

The class is designed to teach individuals the basics of injury prevention, injury care, and health issues, such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and infection control. It is a great program for coaches or others who supervise students after school. The class lasts approximately two hours.

For more information, please contact Lonnie Derum-Mikulich, ATC, at (513) 706-0182.