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About Atrium's Behavioral Health Pavilion

Atrium Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Pavilion is designed to provide a safe, spacious environment for optimal behavioral health care programs and services. The Pavilion features large common areas, a private entrance for patients, and a walkway connected to Atrium in case a medical emergency should arise. It also has a direct link to four Emergency Trauma Center (ETC) rooms dedicated to the needs of behavioral health patients who have sought treatment in the ETC.

Atrium Treatment Teams

Each patient is assigned a treatment team that manages the patient’s clinical care daily. The teams are directed by a psychiatrist and include nurses, social workers, and mental health technicians. The team approach ensures that each individual will have a specialized treatment plan to address self-reliance and quality of life.

  • The psychiatrist and treatment team members develop a treatment plan and will coordinate medical care as needed with other specialists. The psychiatrist leads the treatment team.
  • After a patient is admitted, psychiatric nurses evaluate his or her immediate concerns. These nurses are specially trained both in terms of general behavioral health and geriatric behavioral health. They manage medications, meet safety and nursing needs, and provide counseling.
  • Recreational therapists provide therapies that will help patients with daily life skills and leisure activities.
  • Psychiatric social workers determine the patient’s social needs, provide family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy when appropriate. They also assist with discharge planning.
  • Mental health technicians and patient care assistants provide guidance and education on behavioral health issues and assist with the patient’s personal care needs.

Treatment Plan

Each patient, whether in an inpatient or outpatient program, will have his or her own specialized treatment plan that creates a pathway to recovery. The treatment plan includes the necessary treatments, medications, therapies, and classes that help create positive outcomes in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Each plan will also include a discharge component to help the patient and his or her family continue to maintain a healthy life.

Initial Assessment

Treatment for each patient begins with a confidential assessment performed by a team of caring professionals. This allows the treatment team to determine each patient’s behavioral health needs and design an individualized treatment plan.

Even prior to an official assessment, there are some signs that may suggest an assessment is needed, including:

  • Thoughts or actions of harm to self or others
  • Frequent tearfulness
  • Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Excessive guilt or worry
  • Lack of motivation
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Inability to cope with activities of daily living

Memberships and Certifications

Our treatment programs are licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental HealthOff Site Icon  and accredited by the The Joint Commission.Off Site Icon

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