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About the Family Birth Center


Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, the birth of your child is one of the happiest, most memorable moments in your life. Atrium Medical Center’s Family Birth Center offers you and your baby comprehensive medical services by highly skilled physicians and nurses dedicated to providing excellent quality care. In addition, the Family Birth Center features private birthing suites, modern security measures and offers personal touches, including a volunteer-knitted cap for each baby and a birth announcement keepsake with the baby's footprints. We also offer a professional photographer who, with your consent, can post photos of you and your baby online so that family and friends can share in your excitement. A licensed massage therapist is available five days a week to help provide another alternative for healing after delivery.

The Best for Your Baby

Our center offers board-certified doctors and highly qualified nurses who provide both normal and high-risk care. Our nurses are experienced in obstetrics and neonatal care. Many have achieved specialty certifications, including inpatient obstetrics, maternal-newborn nursing, electronic fetal monitoring and more.

Lactation Support

The Family Birth Center is the right place for breastfeeding support.  We have a full time International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) on staff.  The IBCLC is available to meet with you prior to the birth of your baby to answer any questions you may have about lactation.  She makes daily rounds on all breastfeeding mothers and their newborns to evaluate feeding and assist in any way to help make breastfeeding successful.  Our IBCLC will also see mothers and babies who are experiencing difficulty with feedings in the days and weeks that follow delivery  in the outpatient setting at the Atrium Medical Center.  We are fortunate to have an experienced staff to assist you with feeding while you are here in the hospital.  The nurses and techs at Family Birth Center are receiving extra education to increase their ability to assist every patient in order to provide you and your new baby with the best care   The IBCLC teaches the  Breastfeeding Basics in conjunction with the childbirth education classes offered to assist you in preparing for your new edition.

Secure Environment

Atrium’s Family Birth Center exercises tight security measures to safeguard infants in our care. These measures extend to your baby’s health, as well. Visitors showing signs of illness will not be permitted to visit mothers or babies.

Special Care for Special Deliveries

Atrium's Family Birth Center provides a Level II neonatal nursery just in case special treatment is needed. Physicians and nurses are experienced in treatments to address high-risk conditions such as prematurity, infection, and respiratory distress. All physicians and nurses in the Family Birth Center are certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics' Neonatal Resuscitation Program.

Full-time neonatologists from The Children's Medical Center of Dayton are available to respond to the needs of seriously ill newborns. Infants also can be quickly transported to a nearby hospital if they need additional neonatal intensive care services.

Patient and Caregiver Communications

Our center also offers a nurse call system. The press of a button quietly alerts the patient’s nurse with a call light on the nurse’s badge. The call is also posted on the monitored nursing station. This system promotes a quick response from caregivers and eliminates loud, overhead paging—so mothers and babies can rest undisturbed.

When needed, nurses can use their hands-free, voice-activated communications device to quickly contact medical support and staff. A request such as “Call Dr. Smith” immediately sends a verbal message to that individual on his or her device.

Patients can use personal cell phones, as well as their bedside phones for outside communication.


Upon arriving at the hospital, please go directly to the Family Birth Center on the third floor. After a brief registration, you will be officially admitted to the center. At this point, you will either be quickly examined by a doctor or nurse in the triage room to establish the progress of your labor or immediately escorted to one of six private birthing suites.

Initial Evaluation

As you are admitted into the birthing suite, you will be assigned a team of medical professionals:

  • The OB/GYN physician currently working in labor and delivery or on-call
  • A registered nurse
  • An obstetrician technician

This team will complete an assessment of your condition. They will also request and review the medical information collected by your attending obstetrician’s office during the pregnancy.

Baby Assessment

Right after delivery, the nurse quickly completes a head-to-toe assessment of the baby’s health including APGAR (Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration) scores. This test checks the baby’s heart rate, breathing, activity and muscle tone, facial movement, and skin coloration.