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Atrium Medical Center Reaches New Safety Milestone

Construction Workers Celebrate More Than 500,000 Hours without Lost-Time Accident 

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – One of the great joys of the holiday season for any construction worker is to avoid serious injury on the job so they can enjoy a worry-free celebration with family and friends. Construction workers building the new Atrium Medical Center passed a new safety milestone of more than 530,000 labor hours without any lost-time accidents. By year end, workers expect to amass more than 600,000 labor hours on the project with equal safety success.

The ongoing safety of all workers on site at Atrium Medical Center is of paramount importance to everyone on the construction team. Great care was used in developing effective safety policies that help prevent dangerous situations, which can lead to accidents.

“Our goal is to build the entire hospital without significant injury to any of our construction team,” said John W. McKinney, III, Middletown Regional Hospital’s corporate safety officer and construction team manager. “Whether or not we meet that goal largely depends on our adherence to our stringent safety policies and training, as well as the continued commitment each construction worker shows in watching out for the safety of themselves and others on the team.”

With more than 400 people working on Atrium Medical Center each day and that number expected to rise as construction reaches its peak, it’s the diligence of individual workers to ongoing safety practices that keeps everyone safe.