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Lifeline Systems Honors Hoffer of McKnight Terrace with Exceptional Performance Award

Phyllis Hoffer, employee of McKnight Terrace Senior Living Community, recently was honored with the Exceptional Performance Award by Lifeline as part of their Academy program. The award recognizes Lifeline Academy participants for their outstanding work serving their communities. "It's an honor to be recognized in this very special way," Hoffer said.

"Established in 2001, The Lifeline Academy represents a membership of our best 150 community partners out of 2,500 nationwide who continue to demonstrate an extraordinary level of commitment to helping more seniors and their families benefit from the Lifeline service. These members are dedicated to serving the goals of their organizations to live their missions successfully," explains Ronald Feinstein, president and CEO of Lifeline Systems.

The McKnight Terrace Lifeline program originally was established by Middletown Regional Hospital (MRH) in 1984. It was transferred to McKnight Terrace, an affiliate of MRH, in 1999 to unify the Middletown Regional Health System Senior Services for the community at large. The Lifeline service provides immediate help for subscribers 24 hours per day, 365 days a year at the simple touch of a button worn around the wrist or as a pendant. The service gives subscribers the confidence to continue living independently in their own homes.

For more information about the Lifeline service, call McKnight Terrace Lifeline at (513) 705-4520.