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Earth Day Every Day at MRH Construction Site 

MIDDLETOWN, OH — For the past 36 years, April 22 has been set aside as a day to remember the importance of taking care of the planet. While the nation celebrates Earth Day once each year, the construction team at the new Middletown Regional Hospital renews its commitment to the planet every day by using environmentally friendly construction activities whenever possible.

Environmental stewardship at the new hospital began before the first spade of earth was turned. As trees and brush were cleared by heavy machinery, the vegetation was collected and shredded for use as mulch in landscaping. This activity alone keeps truckloads of debris out of local landfills and puts materials back to use in the environment.

"Keeping construction waste to a minimum is part and parcel of what we do on a daily basis at the hospital job site," says John W. McKinney, III, director of Facilities Management and corporate safety officer for Middletown Regional Hospital. "Every day, we work with our construction team to ensure everyone conforms to our high standards of environmental etiquette."

The hospital's commitment to the environment is one reason Skanska Shook Joint Venture was chosen as the construction manager for the project. With ISO 14001:2004 certification in place and strong environmental protocols, it was clear the firm would be an environmentally friendly partner for the hospital throughout construction.

Conservation methods in use at the construction site include:

  • Lubricants collected from construction vehicles during routine maintenance are collected in appropriate containers and are recycled.
  • Concrete residue is cleaned out of trucks in a designated area then is crushed and recycled for use as gravel/stone base material.
  • Scrap metal is collected and recycled.
  • Left-over wood, including shipping containers and pallets, are saved and recycled.
  • Erosion control for all disturbed soils on site is in place and will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.
  • Office paper recycling is taking place in all on-site construction offices, including subcontractor offices.

According to industry averages, construction waste totals six pounds per square foot for new construction. Therefore, everything that can be done to reuse materials results in a tangible benefit to the environment.