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Middletown Regional Hospital Offers Breast MRI

MIDDLETOWN - Middletown Regional Hospital (MRH) has enhanced its diagnostic imaging capabilities by offering breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with computer-aided detection technology. This latest development in breast imaging complements the hospital's full array of noninvasive procedures available to women today through the Wilbur & Mary Jean Cohen Women's Center.

"While mammography is still the most effective method for breast screenings, breast MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool," explains Hugh Hawkins, MD,* medical director of the Women's Center at MRH. "With a thorough diagnosis and a broader range of choices, a woman with breast cancer can feel more confidence in making the best decisions about her care," he adds.

Breast MRI is a safe, painless procedure that uses magnetic energy and radio waves to produce highly detailed images of the body's internal tissues. Breast MRI and MRI-guided biopsy are used primarily for women with suspicious mammograms or ultrasounds, implants, scar tissue, dense breast tissue or genetic factors placing them at high risk for breast cancer. Breast MRI can help determine a woman's stage of cancer and monitor any breast tissue changes during treatment stages. Combined with computer-aided detection technology, breast MRI produces higher quality images allowing more rapid interpretation of studies.

Breast MRI is performed at the hospital, adjacent to the Women's Center, as part of a full-service approach to the latest in breast screening and diagnostics. Other lifesaving advancements include state-of-the-art mammography backed by ImageChecker Computer Aided Detection technology, as well as ultrasound-guided and stereotactic biopsy — two alternatives to surgical biopsy. Free health risk assessments to determine risks for cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes are also available to help women learn how to lead healthier lives.

* Hugh Hawkins, MD, recently received national recognition in Medical Imaging Magazine for his expertise and commitment to breast imaging. For more information, please visit Off Site Icon.