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A Message From the President and CEO

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) is best distinguished as an organization that lives its values. At Atrium, we don’t just profess to value diversity; we show it in our actions and behaviors. Well before we had a dedicated diversity officer and written plan for diversity, the spirit of diversity and inclusion was evident in our everyday interactions.

Respecting the inherent value of every individual is at the core of our commitment to diversity. When employees and patients come to Atrium, they can be assured of being treated with dignity and respect. Our pledge to provide high-quality care is synonymous with understanding the patient’s frame of reference. Certainly there are regulatory requirements that mandate how individuals should be treated. Yet for us, it goes beyond a mandate. It’s an expectation for how we do business. It’s a reflection of who we are. It’s consistent with our mission to serve and help people, improving the status of their health and the quality of their lives.

The hospital’s leadership team has made a choice to build an Atrium workforce that reflects the communities we serve because we know that it puts us in a better position to meet the diverse needs of our patients. Our employees know that Atrium earns their loyalty through our commitment to providing a positive and inclusive work environment. Our patients can trust that we have their best interest at heart as we provide care that is culturally responsive.

At Atrium we understand and appreciate that diversity is a journey—one that provides opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. As the Chief Executive Officer, I welcome you to an organization that strives to walk in a way that tells others what we value. Diversity is clearly one of those values.

Carol Turner
President and Chief Executive Officer