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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) is dedicated to providing acute care and treatment to patients after a serious trauma, major surgery, or other serious illness or injury. We offer comprehensive, high-quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our new facility is top-of-the-line; not only do we have the newest and best technology to care for our patients, but we also focus on comfort for patients and families.

A High Standard of Care

The ICU at Atrium provides high-quality care to any patient requiring intense monitoring. Every aspect of our ICU has been carefully planned, from the décor to the medical technology, and we have many amenities, including:

  • Sixteen large private rooms that are hardwired for the latest technology.
  • Each room has a couch that turns into a bed (for visitors to sleep), comfortable chairs, and a table for family to use for eating or wireless network access.
  • Each room has a flat-screen television with educational programming and free on-demand movies.
  • Well-designed nursing station alcoves allow nursing staff to directly observe patients without being in the room.
  • The unit is designed for family comfort, providing family access to a pantry, linen closet, and blanket warmer.
  • The unit features a large, comfortable waiting room, plus special consultation rooms where the ICU staff can meet with families.

The ICU Team

Atrium’s ICU staff has special training in advanced cardiac live support, the needs of ventilator patients, and specialty medications. The staff is also trained to handle trauma, neurological, medical-surgical, diabetic, and bariatric patients. We take an interdisciplinary approach to patient care; in addition to physicians and nurses, the ICU patient care team also includes dietitians, Social Workers, and members of Pastoral Care and the Pharmacy. Our ICU includes an Acute Changes Team (ACT) made up of ICU nurses who are dispatched throughout the hospital to check on patients who are experiencing a change in condition.

Location Information

The ICU is located on the third floor of Atrium.

Atrium Medical Center
One Medical Center Dr.
Franklin, OH  45005

Contact Information
For more information about the ICU, please call (424) 2111, ext. 6488.