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About Atrium Medical Imaging Services

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) Medical Imaging Services—which is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week—provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art digital diagnostic imaging.
For speed and efficiency, Atrium’s medical imaging services are digital. Skilled imaging technologists use a variety of technologies to capture and store the images. These digital images are reviewed by certified radiologists and are available to physicians and technologists to use for the diagnosis of many injuries and illnesses.

Digital diagnostic imaging eliminates the need for hard copies of films and provides better-quality images. Digital diagnostic imaging technology also eliminates the problems associated with a single file, such as multiple physicians needing the same file. Digital diagnostic images are easy for Cincinnati radiologists and physicians to access and can be viewed by multiple people at the same time.

Atrium Medical Imaging Services stores all the images in Atrium Medical Center’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which has tremendously improved the productivity of physicians and radiologists who use the system. Using PACS, a physician can call a radiologist to consult with him or her over the phone while reviewing the same image. The doctor can also call up the image for a patient in his or her office. At Atrium, physicians are able to review digital imaging results via PACS anywhere in the hospital, as well as in their own offices. For patients, PACS dramatically improves the turnaround time from imaging to diagnosis.

Although it is easy to access, PACS is also secure. Access to PACS is limited to physicians, radiologists, and imaging technologists who have password-protected permission and special computer software. It also eliminates the need for patients to pick up their films, since doctors are able to access their images anywhere on the Atrium campus.