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About Atrium Medical Center Heart Care

Cardiology is at the heart of Atrium Medical Center, where we provide comprehensive cardiac care services to the rapidly growing communities of Dayton and Cincinnati. Our staff has more than 90 years of experience and expertise and is passionate about offering this region the most recent medical advances, close to where you and your loved ones live and work.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming 500,000 lives a year. Early diagnosis of heart disease is essential. People who do not know they have heart disease have a 30 percent chance that their first symptom will be an actual heart attack. By bringing preventive cardiac care as well as  open-heart surgery and  cardiac intervention to our region, we are partnering with the community in the fight against heart disease.

We know that cardiac care does not stop after diagnosis or treatment, so we remain part of our patients’ heart health for as long as they need us.  Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program combines exercise, education, and counseling to help patients resume normal activity.  Whatever form of heart disease you or a loved one may face, our caring heart team is committed to providing expert treatment and practical tools to help you live longer and feel your very best.