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About Respiratory Care

For most people, breathing is a natural, involuntary reflex. But for those who experience pulmonary (lung) disease or dysfunction, taking a breath can be a struggle.

Atrium Medical Center’s (Atrium) Respiratory Care Department provides evaluation, treatment, management, and care for patients with breathing problems caused by a number of conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and heart disease. These functions are accomplished by therapeutic administration of oxygen, rehabilitation techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and maintenance of natural and artificial airways.

We provide a comprehensive care program to patients staying in the hospital, as well as for outpatients who visit the Pulmonary Function Department. We offer individualized Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services to help improve muscle strength and endurance so patients can better perform daily activities. All services are provided by licensed Respiratory Therapists and registered nurses under the direction of a physician specially trained in Pulmonary Medicine.

Through the combination of highly skilled clinical providers and the latest technology available, our Respiratory Care Department provides a broad range of therapeutic modalities and services.

The Respiratory Care Team

Respiratory Therapists are an important part of Atrium’s health care team. Working together with physicians and nurses, our Respiratory Therapists:

  • Perform specific tests to assist the physician in diagnosing patients
  • Provide oxygen therapy, pulmonary medications and life support, and mechanical ventilation
  • Administer and assess the effectiveness of a prescribed treatment
  • Relay patient information to other members of the health care team

Our specialists are always on site and ready with advanced equipment to help in any department, from the Emergency Room, to the Intensive Care Unit, to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Respiratory Therapists care for a variety of patients, including newborn infants in respiratory distress, children with asthma or pneumonia, victims of trauma, and older patients with emphysema or heart failure.

Highly experienced and trained, our Respiratory Therapists draw on their experience to assess patient needs and offer appropriate care quickly and effectively. The Respiratory Care staff also helps patients and their families understand the purpose, benefits, equipment, and procedures of each test and therapy.

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