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Volunteers Honored at Atrium Medical Center

Middletown, Ohio, May 2, 2008 –  As part of its 2008 Volunteer Week celebration, Atrium Medical Center honored 52 adult volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet on April 30. Forty-seven of these volunteers have reached milestones of service to the hospital and were recognized for a cumulative total of more than 165,000 hours of service to Middletown Regional Health System (MRHS).  MRHS volunteers serve in 35 hospital departments and services, as well as a number of special programs such as Baby Hats and SMILE (chemo) Hats and off-site departments, such as the hospital’s Dialysis and Sports Medicine Centers.

Margaret Miller was recognized for more than 25,000 hours of service to Atrium Medical Center. A member of the Atrium Medical Center Auxiliary (formerly Middletown Regional Hospital Auxiliary) for forty-seven years and an active hospital volunteer since 1962, Mrs. Miller started volunteering as a receptionist.  Over the next few years, she volunteered in many areas—known as “Twigs” at the time—such as Play Lady, Gift Shop, Lab and Patient Services.  But her long-term commitments were to the ICU for 30 years until about 1999, and in the Volunteer Office for the past 10 years.  She has served on the Auxiliary Board for a number of years and hopes to continue for more years to come.

Betty Young was honored for more than 22,000 hours of service.  Mrs. Young was a candy striper at Middletown Hospital back in the mid-1940s and returned to volunteer at Middletown Regional with her husband Dick when he retired in 1987.  Betty volunteered Main I for three years. They volunteered together in Physical Therapy and Patient Services.  Betty volunteered in Radiology, where she was chosen to train new volunteers.  In recent years, they volunteered in the Emergency
Department and currently volunteer in Rehab at Atrium Medical Center.  Betty is also active in the Auxiliary and serves as chairwoman for the Auxiliary’s Chemo Hats program.

Other volunteers honored for reaching milestones of service include:

  • 11,000 hours:  Darlene Abney (Hilltop Shop co-manager)
  • 8,000 hours:  Joyce Burnett (Hilltop Shop co-manager)
  • 7,000 hours:  Kay Fraley(Gift Shop); Marilyn Niebur(Cardiology); Dick Young(Rehab).
  • 6,000 Hours:  Lola Bruner  (Patient Services); Mary Ann Long (Gift Shop)
  • 5,000 Hours:  Martha Oches (Information Desk)
  • 4,000 Hours:  Joann Fiessinger (Gift Shop)
  • 3,000 hours:  Jonah Carpenter (Facilities Management); Jane Fisher (Information Desk); Joe Meyer (Patient Services and Emergency Trauma Center); Amy Pretty (Surgery Dept. and Pain Clinic).
  • 2,000 hours:  Floyd Bender (Pharmacy); Ronda Dalton (Dialysis Center); Priscilla DiCola (Patient Services); Nancy Fenton (Medical Records); Tom Fye (Mail Cart and Patient Services); Jean Hammond (Information Desk); Marian Hattery (Meals on Wheels); Marilyn Jesseman (Volunteer Office); Katherine Oellerich (Gift Shop); Bill Riggs (CCU and Rehab); Bill Wooley (Emergency Trauma Center and Meals on Wheels)
  • 1,000 hours: Mary Blevins; Muriel Curry; Paul Curry; Jayne Floering; Roy Ickes; Barbara Laspina; Les Mills; Jan Perander; Ruth Voegele; Ray Wolf; and Sandra Wooton.
  • 500 hours:  Carol Bishop; Steve Burwick; Charles Carver; Dick Casey; Bob McGuire; Wilma McGuire; Bruce Peters; Patty Reese; Fern Wills; and Grace Wolf

Five volunteers were also honored for their long service.  They were Emma Beebe (22,700 hours); Doris Brandon (11,700 hours); Jim Bruner (13,700 hours); Mariana Fisher (11,400 hours) and Betty Latham (10,800 hours).

Mrs. Beebe is an American Red Cross volunteer and began volunteering at Middletown Regional Hospital in 1962 and continues to volunteer at Atrium Medical Center.  She has served all of those years in the Emergency Department and Patient Services.  She also volunteered in other activities for the Red Cross including Disaster Services, serving breakfast at the old Central School and in the 805 Clinic on Main Street.  In the community, Mrs. Beebe was an active member of the Middletown Women’s Bowling Association for 40 years and was named to their Hall of Fame.

In 2007, 400 members of our community gave more than 57,000 hours of their time to assist Middletown Regional Hospital and its affiliates in serving our patients and their families.  These people volunteered in nearly 60 different departments and programs.  In December 2007, Middletown Regional Hospital closed, and nearly all volunteers continue to volunteer at Atrium Medical Center.

Volunteer positions are available days, evenings and on weekends.  For more information about volunteer opportunities and how to apply, please call the Volunteer Services Office at (513) 420-5201 or download information and an application at