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Junior Volunteers Recognized at Atrium Medical Center

Middletown, Ohio, May 23, 2008 - Atrium Medical Center honored 18 Junior Volunteers for reaching milestones in their service at the annual Junior Volunteer Recognition Dinner on May 22, 2008. These Junior Volunteers gave nearly 4,000 hours of service to the hospital. Graduating seniors with more than 50 hours of service were also recognized for giving their time to help patients and families.

Sundeap (Sunny) Rao of Middletown High School received the Atrium Auxiliary Middletown Junior Volunteer award. Jayne Floering, president of the Auxiliary, presented this special monetary award, designed to recognize and encourage service by the hospital’s Junior Volunteers. Sunny has volunteered at the hospital since July 2004 and has given 542 hours of service. He started as a volunteer at the hospital Information Center, running errands throughout the hospital. Sunny set a goal of reaching more than 500 hours of service. In order to reach that goal, he volunteered at the hospital’s Children’s Center in addition to his regular service within the hospital. Sunny will attend Akron University. He has been accepted into an accelerated program in which he will earn his B.S. degree in just two years and enter medical school at that time. He will start classes at Akron on June 9, just days after his high school graduation.

Other Junior Volunteers honored for their hours of service to Atrium Medical Center and Middletown Regional Health System, listed by high school, include:

Carlisle High School: 200 hours–Stephanie Comley and 400 hours–Vanessa King

Fenwick High School: 100 hours–Matt Downs and Brittany Fernandez; 200 hours–Ethan Fink; and 300 hours–Brian Gaston

Home-schooled: 100 hours–Hope Jennings

Lakota East High School: 100 hours–Rohan Kusre

Lakota West High School: 400 hours–Samiksha Gulrajani

Madison Junior/Senior High School: 100 hours–Sara Langdon and Sarah Watts; and 200 hours–Hillary Tipton

Middletown High School: 100 hours–Kori Short; and 500 hours–Sundeap Rao

Monroe High School: 100 hours–Olivia Pierce and Marilyn Woodrome; and 200 hours–Chandi Patel

Springboro High School: 200 hours–Mae Gast

The following thirteen volunteers are graduating this year. Each of them has given at least 50 hours of volunteer service to the hospital:

Jenna Combs (Middletown); Stephanie Comley (Carlisle); Tracey Davis (Monroe); Matt Downs (Fenwick); Brittany Fernandez (Fenwick); Mark Fogarty (Fenwick); Samiksha Gulrajani (Lakota West); Vanessa King (Carlisle); Sara Langdon (Madison); Olivia Pierce (Monroe); Sundeap Rao (Middletown); Sarah Watts (Madison); Anthony Whitlow (Fenwick).

Atrium Medical Center has approximately 50 active Junior Volunteers. Currently there is a waiting list for Junior Volunteers, but students who are at least 14 years of age and are interested in volunteering are encouraged to apply. Students may pick up an application packet at the Information Desk in the hospital’s main lobby or print a copy from Atrium’s web site at, by clicking on Ways to Help, Become a Volunteer, Junior Application. Or call (513) 420-5201 for further information.