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Surgery is a traditional form of cancer treatment. Your oncologist may use surgery to achieve any number of goals, from diagnosing your cancer, to treating it, to relieving the symptoms it causes. Surgery may be used alone or in combination with other treatments, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


At Atrium Medical Center, we perform a wide variety of cancer surgeries to promote a healthier outcome. Often times, your oncologist specialist assists our surgeons with your procedure.

During surgery, your surgeon removes as much of the tumor as possible. Many of our surgeons use needle localization, which involves the use of an x-ray to insert a small thin wire into the suspicious area. This helps guide the surgeon and localize the surgery to help preserve healthy tissue.

The tissue removed from the patient is often examined by a pathologist for signs of tumor cells near the edge of the incision. This ensures that all detectable cancer cells have been removed. If no cancer cells are visible in the tissue surrounding the excised tissue, the specimen may be said to have 'clean margins'.

After your procedure, we assist with pain control by finding the best formula of medications to help optimize your comfort.

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