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Health Risk Assessments

Preventive Care is the Key to Good Health

Learning how to lead a healthier life is the first step toward a happier future. You can take a proactive approach to your health by completing a free health risk assessment at our Women’s Center.

Our registered nurse specially trained to complete health risk assessments will review the results of the following to determine your risks for obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis.

  • Current health status, such as height, weight, BMI (body mass index), glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Family medical history of cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Personal lifestyle behaviors, such as what you eat, how often you exercise, whether you smoke and how you manage stress 

She will discuss privately with you your computerized Personal Wellness Profile, make recommendations and help you coordinate any necessary follow-up care. You’ll walk away armed with information on how to minimize your own health risks. Each year, a follow-up assessment can be done to track the steps you have taken to lead a healthier life.

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