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HEALing Together Support Groups

The death of a baby or the loss of a pregnancy brings with it unexpected pain and confusion for parents and families.

“It took so much courage for me to walk into my first support group meeting. I was afraid I would cry or break down. What I soon realized when I looked around the room was that for the first time since my son died everyone around me understood my pain…they knew what I was feeling because they had felt it, too.” -Mom from Middletown

Bereavement after this type of loss is often lonely and isolated because parents are often unaware of available resources they can look to for support. Often friends and even family members can’t seem to understand how it could hurt so badly to lose a baby they think of as “unknown.” Since there are few shared memories of a tiny baby’s life, others may have a hard time comprehending the depth of a parent’s grief.

What is HEALing Together?

HEALing Together is a support group that was created at the request of parents – parents who needed someone to share their pain, their sadness and their broken dreams. It provides parents the opportunity to share with other families – to share feelings with others who have known the inconceivable sadness associated with the death of a baby.

HEALing Together is a self-help group which means parents are there to help other bereaved parents. Meetings are open to all families regardless of where they may be in their grief or how long it has been since their loss. Individuals may choose to talk or just listen; no one is made to share unless they would like to do so.

Professionals who have experienced a loss and have extensive training in grief support facilitate the meetings. The format is informal and personalized to meet the needs of families.

Date/Time: Third Tuesday evening of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Hilltop OB/GYN office, Atrium Medical Center, Professional Building, 1st Floor
Cost: FREE
No registration is necessary.

Grandparents HEALing Together Support Group

Grandparents' grief is complex. They mourn the loss of their grandchild and feel helpless to ease their child's pain. This group is for grandparents who have experienced the loss of a grandchild and are seeking support from others who have known the same tragedy. Please contact the HEAL office at (513) 705-4056 or Glenna Fisher, Group Facilitator, at (513) 309-0842 or for more information.

Date/Time: Fourth Monday of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: The Inn at Rennaissance Village, 4375 Union Road, Franklin
Cost: FREE

For more information about HEALing Together, call (513) 705-4056.