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Join Us Magazine

Fall 2011

Fall 2011 - Long-haul Survivor
Long-haul Survivor - Breast cancer treatment with compassion

Spring 2011 Turner HSEvery Person, Every Time

Excellence. What does it mean to you? In its strictest sense, it refers to the state or quality of excelling, or being exceptionally good. To Atrium Medical Center, it means nothing less will do — for us and for our patients.

This dedication to excellence is what drives us to fulfill our mission of building healthier communities by providing quality health care. It also serves as a reminder that every person who enters Atrium deserves our best, no matter why they’re here. Providing the best possible clinical care is of the utmost importance, but equally important is respecting individuality and taking the time to provide personalized care.

In this issue of Join Us, you’ll read about two patients who came to Atrium for very different reasons but who experienced one thing in common — personal support above and beyond essential medical care. It’s this commitment to putting patients first in all we do that makes me proud to work with the physicians, staff and volunteers at Atrium.

I can tell you with confidence that I will stand by my promise to you, your family and all the communities we serve: Excellence — every person, every time.

Carol J. Turner, FACHE
President and CEO

Fall 2011 - What's a Hospitalist
What's a Hospitalist? - Get
the answer

Fall 2011 - HEAL
Helping Families HEAL - Enduring the loss of a baby

Fall 2011 - Close to Home
Close to Home - Atrium services near you