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Knee Replacement Pays Big Dividends For Bank Teller


Kay Hasty
Kay Hasty had her knee replaced when pain from an injury sustained 20 years ago became unbearable.

“My doctor said I would know when it was time for knee replacement surgery,” says Kay Hasty.  “He was right. When I couldn’t walk 50 feet without extreme pain, when I was taking steps one at a time, I knew I was ready.”


Kay, a teller at First National Bank in Morrow, had increasing knee pain resulting from an injury 20 years ago.

“Over the years, cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory medicine and other measures had provided Kay with some relief but her knee continued to worsen,” says Robert Roman, MD, an orthopedic specialist at Atrium. “Because she’s only 58, she was a good candidate for knee replacement.”

With knee replacement surgery, the damaged part of the joint is removed from the surface of the bones, and the surfaces are then shaped to hold a metal or plastic artificial joint.

“Kay received a strong, new knee replacement made of oxidized zirconium,” explains Dr. Roman. “Zirconium is harder and much smoother than previously available materials, and will last quite a bit longer.”

Kay’s knee replacement surgery was performed at Atrium Medical Center in July. “I hadn’t been in the hospital overnight since I was 14, so I didn’t know what to expect,” she says. “It was a wonderful experience — if you can say that about a hospitalization. Everyone was so friendly. The nurses put me at ease and even introduced me to the operating room people.”

Kay also has high praise for her hospital stay. “The nurses couldn’t have been nicer and took such good care of me,” she reports. “And Atrium has all private rooms! I loved that. In the hospital, your sleep patterns are off, so a private room is appreciated.”


Roman HS
Robert Roman, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Therapy is an important part of a speedy recovery from knee replacement surgery; Kay had her therapy close to home, at Atrium Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Lebanon.


“I was determined to do everything I could,” Kay says. “My husband, Jack, took wonderful care of me, but I wanted my life back. The first big achievement was going back to work.”

Now Kay walks without pain. She reflects, “Like other people, I say, Why didn’t I have the surgery sooner?”

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