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Atrium Medical Center Adds Robotic-assisted Thoracic Surgery

Middletown, Ohio – June 18, 2012 – Atrium Medical Center is proud to announce the addition of thoracic surgery to its robotic-assisted surgery capabilities. This additional capability means that the benefits of robotic surgery - reduced pain, a shorter hospital stay, faster return to daily activities and the potential for better clinical outcomes – is now available to patients with lung cancer and other conditions within the chest needing surgical intervention.

“Until very recently, surgery options for thoracic procedures were traditional surgery with a large, open incision or laparoscopy with small incisions, typically limited to very simple procedures,” says Carol J. Turner, president and CEO of Atrium Medical Center. “Thanks to the use of the surgical robot, major thoracic surgeries are now being performed in a minimally invasive manner at Atrium, where patients also benefit from robotic-assisted urologic and gynecologic surgeries.”

Thoracic surgery treats conditions inside the thorax (chest), including conditions of the lungs, chest wall and diaphragm. Thoracic robotic-assisted surgeries available at Atrium include: lobectomy, pulmonary segmentectomy, thymectomy, anterior/posterior mediastinal resection and more.

“The da Vinci surgical system allows me to make tiny incisions and do complex work using miniaturized instruments,” states cardiothoracic surgeon John M. Miller, MD, who has been performing robotic-assisted thoracic surgery at Atrium since June 2011. “This results in more precision in each step of surgery. Not having to cut through muscle or spread ribs makes for an easier recovery for the patient.”

The robot gives a high definition, three-dimensional view of the operating site. With the ability to magnify images up to 10 times, surgeons have an enhanced view of delicate structures, allowing them to more easily preserve important nerve function and perform complex tissue reconstruction.

Atrium Medical Center now has more than 10 surgeons who offer thoracic, urologic or gynecologic surgeries using the surgical robot.