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Safe Sleep Video Transcript

It’s been proven through the American Academy of Pediatrics and several other groups, that babies absolutely sleep the safest on their back. Babies on their tummies, have a greater tendency anatomically, swallowing tube is and the stomach tube -- they are at a much greater likelihood of actually choking if they are on their tummies.  All babies sleep better in their own sleep space.  That can be a safety-approved crib, which should contain only a tight-fitting mattress and a tight-fitting fitted sheet. We don’t want any extraneous materials in there, no stuffed animals, no bumper pads, no blankets, no quilts, nothing that can come up around or near the baby’s face.

We really strongly encourage all moms to breast feed.  It’s been shown very recently that there is a big reduction in the occurrence of SIDS and some sleep-related deaths for moms who do, in fact, breast feed.  However, we strongly encourage moms to breast feed babies and if they choose to do that in bed, then once the breast feeding is completed, that then the baby be placed back in his or her own separate sleep space. That crib can be in direct proximity to the adult bed, but, again, it’s going to be on that firm mattress in his or her own sleep space.

Babies do tend to sleep well in their swings.  Sometimes they do well in their car seats and other little bouncy seats kind of things, but, again, babies sleep best on their own sleep surface. There can be some tendencies for, particularly, very young babies, for the head, who don’t have very good head control, for the head to come down onto the chest and obstruct the trachea. Sometimes that breathing mechanism is altered a little bit when they’re in those, in either the swing or a car seat.  So, the recommendation is that it’s okay for the babies to fall asleep, but once they do, please take them from that swing or that car seat and, again, place them back in their own bed.

The recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics is that all of these recommendations apply to all babies up to the age of 1 year.

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