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Our Team

Members of the Atrium orthopedic team are specially trained to treat complicated orthopedic conditions. Members of your care team include:


The surgeon does your pre-surgery assessment and any necessary tests. He or she will perform your surgery and direct your care in both the hospital and outpatient settings. The surgeon, or surgeon’s partners, will visit you on a regular basis while you are in the hospital, and will examine and assess you during follow-up office visits.


Your surgeon may ask a hospitalist (an internal medicine or family practice doctor) to visit you daily while you are in the hospital. He or she will make sure all of your medical needs are being met. This includes taking care of any current medical problems you may have, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Anesthesia Care Team

Your anesthesiologist will meet with you just before your surgery. After reviewing and assessing your medical history and your current state of health, he or she will determine the medications you require to keep you comfortable throughout surgery. After surgery, he or she will bring you to a conscious state, monitor your vital signs and ensure the necessary pain medication is administered. Your anesthesiologist will determine when you are ready to leave the recovery room.

General Surgery/Orthopedic Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

The general surgery/orthopedic CNS is a specially trained nurse who will work closely with your surgeon and nursing staff to make sure you receive the very best care. A CNS will also be part of your preoperative class

Nurse Manager

A nurse manager manages the nursing staff and other caregivers to ensure that you receive excellent care. Our goal is for you to have a pleasant stay and quick recovery. If you have questions or concerns, please call your nurse manager.

Registered Nurse

The registered nurse (RN) provides your nursing care and directs the patient care technicians (PCTs). The nurse also keeps the doctor and nurse manager up to date on any special needs or requests you may have. Several of our nurses have special training in the care of patients with orthopedic conditions.

Patient Care Technician

The patient care technician (PCT) helps you with activities of daily living, such as bathing, toileting and walking during your stay. PCTs work alongside nurses and report back to them on all issues related to your care.

Physical Therapist (PT)

Physical therapists assess how well you are able to move your arms and legs, move in bed, sit up and walk. If you have trouble doing any of those activities, they will help you get stronger.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Occupational therapists help you learn safe ways to do your everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Case Manager

Case Managers work closely with your doctors, nurses, and health care team. They organize your care while you are in the hospital, and help you coordinate special services or equipment you may need before you leave the hospital.

Social Worker

The social worker helps families locate community resources, assist in crisis interventions, provide counseling, educate patients about their diagnosis and respond to the unique needs of families.


The most important member of your care team is you. For the best possible outcomes, be sure to:

  • Change your activity patterns as instructed
  • Follow the instructions of your medical/orthopedic team
  • Learn all you can about your surgery
  • Provide your doctor with an honest health history
  • Talk openly with your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have
  • Having people who will support and encourage you throughout your surgery and recovery is vital. Members of your support system can help by:
    • Driving you to and from the hospital
    • Driving you to the follow-up visits with your doctor(s)
    • Helping you at home after you are discharged from the hospital
    • Supporting you emotionally throughout the entire process

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