Streamlined Process for Central Line Lab Draws

In an effort to provide your patients quicker and more efficient service, Atrium has streamlined the process for those needing a central line lab draw. Effective Monday, June 13, patients will be able to bypass our outpatient registration area and go directly to the Infusion and Treatment Center, located in Atrium’s Compton Center. By offering this procedure at this new location, patients will immediately see a nurse (required to perform this procedure), thereby minimizing the wait times that were experienced in the past.

Please remember to send an order for saline and heparin flush when ordering a central line lab draw. Lab order forms have been updated with saline and heparin flush orders to reflect this change.

If you have any questions, please call the Infusion and Treatment Center at (513) 420-5669.

Print flyers for your patients.

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