MyChart Inpatient Results Released

Starting Wednesday, March 19, all inpatient test results will automatically be released to patients’ MyChart account, approximately two hours after discharge. For any test result not finalized prior to discharge, the results will be released per our normal outpatient protocols. In that case, most lab results will be released after a three-day hold, and the impression portion of imaging results will be released after five days. Pathology and cytology results (other than Pap smears) are not auto-released. This exclusion does not apply to results that are final during the hospitalization

We are implementing this change to meet CMS Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements and overwhelming patient demand. In addition CMS, HHS, and CLIA jointly issued a requirement in February 2014, requiring that patients have direct access to their lab results. Other health systems in our area have already implemented similar measures. Experience from other hospitals around the country has proved to be universally positive, with very few issues noted. In addition, there has been minimal to no increase in calls to physicians, in places where this was implemented.

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