Pharmacy Services Accomplishments 2013

A number of physician-directed medication management initiatives were reported by pharmacy services in its 2013 accomplishments.

The pharmacy and therapeutics committee, chaired by Dr. Ronal Manis, and the antibiotic stewardship committee, chaired by Dr. Steven Burdett, recorded several accomplishments. For the pharmacy and therapeutics committee, accomplishments included:

  • Standardization of the IVIG and albumin for all sites;
  • Development of Epic build to address FDA “black box warning” for “sleeper” medications;
  • Development and advancement of acetaminophen IV order panel to address the appropriate utilization of IV acetaminophen;
  • Advancement of system order sets for Non-DKA insulin infusions, IV insulin infusions, and subcutaneous insulin algorithm;
  • Development of anticoagulation overdose reversal guidelines and products used for treatment;
  • In cooperation with surgery sections at each site, advanced DVT/VTE workflow to address post-op scheduling and frequency of anticoagulant.

Antibiotic stewardship committee accomplishments included:

  • Review of flourquinolone use and standardization of the selection of flouroquinolones for all four hospitals;
  • Standardization of the selection of echinocandins for use at each hospital;
  • Development of indication-for-use guidelines to meet meaningful use criteria
  • Standardization of the Epic build for select antibiotics to meet 2013 antimicrobial prophylaxis guidelines;
  • Development of reporting and review for anti-microbial resistance patterns at each hospital site.

To assist with goals to reduce variation, the physician-directed group standardized formulary with smart groups to complement 30 system order sets.

For the year, 6.5 percent savings in drug expense was accomplished system-wide by working with the various medical staff committees to standardize the formulary and order sets and reduce variation.

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