Changes to Sepsis Orderset

Every year, severe sepsis strikes 750,000 Americans; 28 to 50 percent of those with sepsis die. Sepsis has become increasingly common, usually originating from an infection in the lungs, urinary tract, skin, or abdomen.

In an effort to improve patient care around Sepsis and to reduce mortality and morbidity, a Premier sepsis team, led by Dr. Anuj Goyal, made changes to our sepsis orderset.

The orderset has been reviewed by key stakeholders across the organization; physician support is vitally important to improving our outcomes. A learning module will be available in the physician portal for anyone desiring to review this important topic. The content of the education module covers key areas for recognizing sepsis early, and knowing how to initiate life-saving timely treatment, utilizing the sepsis bundle endorsed by the Society for Critical Care Medicine.

Every caregiver in Premier should be able to recognize the important signs of sepsis and understand how to manage care for these critically-ill patients, by appropriately following the goal-directed therapy in the evidence-based ordersets that will go live on April 1.

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