Where Are My Order Favorites? Change in Preferences

On March 19, 2014, several changes were placed into Epic Inpatient. One of the changes was required in preparation for the Clinical Pathways implementation on March 31, 2014. This required change caused an unexpected outcome to individual order preferences.

Before 3/19/14, when clicking onto “New” to add an order, Epic automatically went to the BROWSE tab and displayed individual orders:

April 2014 img 1

After 3/19/14, clicking onto “New” opens the PREFERENCE LIST tab, which gives the impression that all individual order preferences have been lost:

April 2014 img 2

Solution: Click onto the BROWSE tab:

April 2014 img 3

IT is continuing to work with Epic to fix this issue.

Please contact the Customer Support Desk at (937) 208-6000 if you would like assistance from one of the Inpatient Medical Staff Trainers.

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