Patient Experience Week

Patient experience begins, and ends, with us. Regardless of your professional designation within Premier Health—be it clinical, administrative, or support staff—the patient experience is paramount to the success of our organization, but, more importantly, to the health and wellness of the patients who entrust their care to us. Our patients, and their families, should be at the forefront of what we do each day.

April 28 kicks off “National Patient Experience” week. Please join me in celebrating all that Premier Health does, and all that we can do, for the benefit of those whom we are proud to serve. From the deployment of the “critical few,” until the time the patient leaves a Premier facility (and beyond), patient experience not only defines us, it inspires us. Opportunities to improve the patient experience present themselves daily, and next week is the perfect time to ask ourselves “how can I enhance the patient experience today?”

We are the patient experience.

Mary Boosalis and Jim Pancoast

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