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Women’s Health Marketing Initiatives

Women’s services has embarked on a number of marketing campaigns and initiatives, aimed at promoting Premier Health’s system-wide expertise, with the objective to promote Premier as an industry leader in the field.

Key Marketing Objectives/Areas of Focus:

  • Establish brand awareness for Premier Health women’s health services: comprehensive health care for women (all stages of life). Increase awareness of scope of women’s services as more than just maternity and gynecology. Also inclusive of breast health, heart health and stroke, cancer care, bone and joint health, and overall wellness, including nutrition, fitness and lifestyle services.
  • Establish Premier Health (and drive consumer preference) as leader in women’s health care, in order to further support key elements of new system-wide brand promise, and to tie member hospitals to new system-wide brand.
    • People/Expertise
    • Innovation/Technology
    • Patient Experience/Care
  • Capture market share of full continuum of services (women tend to be health care decision makers for family). Premier to be known as resource for family health care needs (inclusive of primary care and emergency).
  • Patient population for maternity (desired patient experience varies from traditional patient population). Need emotive connection in advertising to demonstrate personal connection and care.


  • Launched women’s health marketing campaign inclusive of television, radio, print, and online – Q1; will continue with additional integrated campaign elements, including outdoor, direct marketing, social media, events (women’s speakers’ series, community events).
  • Promotion of Women’s Health Month: in addition to campaign elements listed above, featured rotating web “billboards” on hospital and Premier Health web sites throughout month of May.
  • New maternity campaign to be launched soon – in next few weeks - (television, radio, print, online, direct marketing, social media, events, etc).
  • “Special delivery” maternity materials to provide emotive connection and positively contribute to patient experience; system-wide communication plan and materials distribution to be completed by the end of May.

Women’s Health Institute News

  • Patient Experience Initiative – Physician “champions” have been identified across the system to team up with OB patient experience coaches and OB leadership on a quarterly basis. Objective is to share and implement best practices across all facilities, in an effort to enhance patient experience and achieve the 90th percentile. The first meeting this year focused on the pain and medicine domains.
  • WHI will continue to evaluate various centers of excellence; continuum of care initiatives; quality/cost and efficiency of care; brand development/marketing; and expansion into new markets with services and technology.

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