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July Petry HSBy Jeff Petry, MD, System Medical Director, Premier Hospitalist Group

Hospitalist medicine has become the fastest growing specialty in medicine. There are currently 37,000 practicing hospitalists in the United States, with continued growth expected, as smaller hospitals evolve to this model of inpatient care. The Premier Health hospitalist program provides inpatient care at each of its campuses, with 24/7, 365, in-house coverage. The origination of each hospital’s program was unique, and all had different structures and operations. In 2012, Premier began the process of developing a system approach to hospitalist medicine. Currently, the hospitalist rounding teams within Premier work seven days in succession, beginning Tuesday of each week. This enables them to provide continuity of patient care and consistency for the nursing staff and specialty colleagues. The day shift is 7am-7pm, and each program has dedicated nocturnists form 7pm-7am. The nocturnists handle all the ED admissions and floor calls. The hospitalists admit the majority of their patients from the ED, but will admit directly from physician offices and accept transfers from other hospitals. The hospitalists are trained in either internal medicine (85 percent) or family medicine (15 percent).

Hospitalists generally care for 35 to 45 percent of bedded patients at each campus, and function as the attending or consulting physician on the treatment team. As the attending, they are responsible for communication and coordination of care with the patients’ families, specialists, and care management teams. The hospitalists play a critical role in supporting the quality goals of Premier Health and in the transition of care to the next provider. Coordination of the transition of care is a fundamental process for the hospitalist teams. If you have questions regarding your hospital’s program, the program director can be reached through the hospital operator. Site medical directors are Dr. Tamara Vashakmadze  (AMC); Dr. Robert Morrison (Good Sam); Dr. Jeff Poulos (MVHS/MVH); and Dr. Atul Kutwal (UVMC). The system medical director is Dr. Jeff Petry. Premier Health hospitalists have become an integral part of patient care within the system. The value that they provide toward achieving Premier Health patient experience goals (quality, safety, and service) will continue to grow.

July Vashakmadze HS July Morrison HS July Poulos HS July Atul HS
Dr. Tamara
Dr. Robert Morrison Dr. Jeff Poulos Dr. Atul Kutwal

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