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When someone experiences a stroke, time is critical. In many cases, if treatment begins within the first three hours after initial symptom onset, damage can be limited. If the stroke is caused by a blocked artery or blood clot, medicine known as tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) can be administered. While tPA can stop a stroke and lead to a better recovery, it must be used within three hours of stroke onset.

The Atrium Stroke Program is a certified primary stroke care center with an acute Stroke team dedicated to treating stroke swiftly and effectively.

Rehab and Stroke

Following a stroke, rehabilitation begins immediately.

Ask Atrium

Robb Snider, MD discusses what to do if you believe you are having a stroke.


Connect friends and family with this free resource.

Moments Matter

Help others win the battle against stroke, dementia and head or spinal cord injuries.

Telemedicine Stroke Network

Watch Fox 19 talk about the Telemedicine Stroke Network technology.