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Ethics and Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) adheres to a high standard of ethical and legal practices, both for the individuals who work for us and for the organization as a whole.

To be certain our standards are maintained throughout Atrium, we’ve created a Corporate Compliance Plan and a Code of Conduct. These are documents that identify professional and ethical standards of conduct and compliance with federal, state, and local laws. The Plan and Code will help Atrium promote good corporate citizenship for its members and partners; in addition, they will help us identify high-risk areas within our organization and prevent and detect misconduct. In many cases, the policies and procedures we’ve set exceed the standards required by law.

We understand that no set of standards or written rules can substitute for personal integrity, thoughtful judgment, and common sense needed to make good decisions daily. However, these documents provide employees with measurable standards, policies, guidance, and even a hotline to which they can report misconduct.

Expectations for Employees

We expect employees to ask questions and raise concerns about business practices when they see something they think may be wrong. There may be times when employees are not comfortable raising those concerns with their supervisors, compliance officers or human resource contacts, or when they simply wish to remain anonymous. A toll-free telephone “hotline” has been implemented so that employees can anonymously report suspected wrongdoing or ask questions about compliance matters.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

Failure to follow the Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct can bring serious consequences to employees and to Atrium. Employees who do not follow the Plan or Code may lose their jobs or face criminal charges. Non-compliance for Atrium means the organization could face criminal prosecution, substantial monetary fines, and possible exclusion from Medicare and other federally funded programs. The greatest consequence to Atrium would be the loss of our reputation of integrity.

We have a dedicated compliance team who works with senior management to implement our program. Our compliance department ensures our employees know what is expected of them and helps them to make the right decisions. Our mandatory online training modules help employees understand legal and ethical business practices. The Plan and Code is updated periodically to ensure that Atrium educates employees about changes in laws and regulations as well as implementing and enforcing the changes.

Content Updated: November 17, 2014

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