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Stomach Cancer Surgery

Treatment of stomach cancer can vary based on the type, stage and location of the tumor. Many times surgery is a common treatment. The type of procedure required depends on the extent of the cancer.

Surgical Options for Stomach Cancer

Surgeons at Atrium Medical Center attempt to preserve as much of the stomach as possible. In many cases, however, a partial or total gastrectomy (removal of all or part of the stomach) must be performed. Total gastrectomy is the complete removal of the stomach and the establishment of a Gastric Bypass esophagojejunostomy (a direct passage from the esophagus to the middle part of the small intestine, bypassing the stomach). Surgeons perform this procedure to remove large tumors or cancerous lesions that are localized in the upper third part of the stomach.

Preparing for Stomach Cancer Surgery 

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The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about stomach cancer. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for surgery and much more.

Content Updated: November 8, 2014

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