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Gynecological Services

We offer a wide range of gynecologic services at Atrium Medical Center. Whether it is routine screenings or advanced care for gynecologic disorders, we provide the specialized care and advanced technology you need.

  • Our gynecologic programs include:
  • Routine gynecologic screenings
  • Bladder and pelvic health care 
  • Minimally-invasive and robotic surgery
  • Breast centers and mammography

Bladder and Pelvic Health

For patients with pelvic floor disorders, we offer specialized physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve bladder and bowel control. Learn more about bladder and pelvic health.

Minimally-invasive and Robotic Surgery

Atrium incorporates minimally-invasive and robotic surgery into its gynecologic procedures. 

Benefits of minimally-invasive and robotic surgery include:

  1. Less pain
  2. Less blood loss
  3. smaller risk of infection
  4. Smaller scars
  5. Shorter recovery time

Learn more about minimally-invasive surgery and robotic surgery.  

Breast Care

We offer you complete breast health care—from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up. Learn more about breast care.

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Diagnostic mammograms – investigates abnormalities that have already been identified through a screening or breast exam.
  • Ultrasound – uses sound waves to create an image of the breast to guide the removal of tissue from the area of concern.
  • Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirations – draws out fluid and tissue cells from an abnormality in a breast.
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy – uses sound waves to create images of the breast to guide the removal of tissue from the area of concern.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy – draws out a sample of the breast tissue to help determine if cancer cells are present.
  • MRI-guided breast biopsy – produces highly detailed images of breast tissue in women that have had diagnosis of breast cancer, dense breast tissue or genetic factors that put them at risk for cancer.
  • Sentinel node biopsy – drains the first lymph node to determine if breast cancer has spread to the lymph ducts or lymph nodes.
  • Ductograms – helps to diagnose a problem in the milk ducts of the breast.
  • Cyst aspirations – draws out fluid in a cyst of a breast that has grown to a size that causes pain and discomfort.


  • MammoSite radiation therapy – delivers a highly targeted treatment in five days by placing the radiation source directly into the lumpectomy cavity.
  • Lumpectomy – removes the breast tumor and some of the normal tissue around it so the affected breast is saved.
  • Mastectomy – removes the breast and sometimes the surrounding tissue.
  • Reconstructive surgery – rebuilds the breast and sometimes the surrounding tissue.

Preparing for Gynecologic Treatments

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about gynecologic treatments. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for a surgery and much more. 

Content Updated: May 11, 2016

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