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Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions most frequently asked about Premier Health (Premier) pricing and average charges for procedures at Atrium Medical Center (Atrium).

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What is an estimated average charge?

The estimated average charge is an approximate calculation of the total hospital charges for a specific inpatient or outpatient procedure at Atrium. As required by law, the hospital’s website lists the mean charge and median charge for the most common inpatient and outpatient procedures. Usual and customary charges for other diagnostic and treatment services are also listed. The estimated charges are meant only as an approximation. They are not intended to be a definite or legally binding quote of charges for services to be rendered. The estimated charges do not include physician fees from your surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency specialist, pathologist, radiologist, or other physicians who may help with your care. They will bill you separately for their services. Please contact those offices directly for charge information.

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Will my bill be different than the estimated average charge provided on this website?

If you are insured, the type of insurance you have, your deductibles or out-of-pocket limits will determine your final bill from Atrium.

Your actual charges could be more or less than these estimates, based on the specific factors of your case. Some of these factors include:

  • The need for additional testing, medications, services, or procedures ordered during your care.
  • The procedure planned may not be the procedure performed based on your physician's assessment.
  • Pre-existing health factors such as obesity, diabetes, and smoking may impact your medical needs.

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What other charges will I owe?

In addition to your hospital charges, you will receive other bills for physician fees from your surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency specialist, pathologist, radiologist or other physicians who may help with your care. Please contact those offices directly for charge information. To assist you, we’ve listed the most frequently requested phone numbers:

Atrium Emergency Physicians, Inc.Atrium Anesthesiology
(513) 727-0748(513) 727-0748 or (937) 293-0247(937) 293-0247

(800) 875-7374(800) 875-7374, extension 2075

Atrium Diagnostic Services
(800) 365-3744(800) 365-3744

Medical Imaging Physicians
(800) 582-1717(800) 582-1717

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Is the amount I owe the same if I have health insurance?

The amount you owe depends on the benefits of your insurance plan. If you have health insurance, you should contact your insurance company directly to understand what your financial obligation will be. You may be asked to provide a procedure code which can be obtained from your physician's office.

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What amount do I owe if I do not have insurance?

We encourage uninsured patients to contact Financial Assistance at (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364 or toll-free at (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364, prior to receiving services at Atrium Medical Center. The financial counselor will help determine if you qualify for Medicaid or any other type of financial assistance. For more information, see our Billing Policies.

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How much is my co-pay/coinsurance/deductible?

To obtain an estimate for your services based on the procedure and your health insurance benefits, please call the Price Line at (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364 or (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364.

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How are charges established for Atrium Medical Center services?

Charges are generally revised each year on January 1 and are subject to change during the year. The charges reflect many factors including:

  • The cost of providing staff, equipment, facilities, medications and other supplies.
  • The amount of time our facilities and staff are involved in providing services.
  • Insurance company contracts.
  • Information provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that manages the Medicare and Medicaid program.

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Where can I get answers to questions about my bills from Atrium Medical Center?

Please contact Patient Financial Services at (937) 203-4886(937) 203-4886 or (888) 566-4856(888) 566-4856, Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. Please have the patient name and account number when you call.

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Estimates represent hospital charges only. It is important to remember that these estimates do not include physician fees billed by your surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency specialist, pathologist, radiologist or other physicians who may help with your care. They are for hospital charges only.

Content Updated: April 25, 2019

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