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Evaluation and Treatment

Atrium Medical Center Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy has one goal: to return athletes and the physically active to their full range of motion, agility, and strength.

We offer a comprehensive program geared toward diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of operative and non-operative injuries. We provide sports-specific care for athletes of all ages — whether recreational, competitive, or those who just focus on fitness — because we know that these injuries require specialized treatment.

Balance Assessment and Fall Prevention Training

Many people do not realize that their risk of falling increases significantly when taking multiple medications or after 65 years of age. These falls, which often occur at home, can cause hip or wrist fractures resulting in a loss of independence or other medical problems. 

Our balance assessment and fall prevention training program is designed to help individuals who might be at risk for falling and injuring themselves. 

The program begins with an evaluation of strength, flexibility, balance, and functional mobility by a physical therapist. Your therapist may recommend a customized physical therapy program or the use of a cane or walker for safety and injury prevention. We also offer a home environmental checklist to help you make your home safer.

If you would like more information about our balance assessment and fall prevention training, ask your doctor or contact the Atrium Medical Center Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy location nearest you.

Athletic Evaluations

Physical evaluations of athletic injuries are a critical first step toward recovery. Our physicians are skilled at caring for both surgical and non-operative athletic injuries, and our locations make finding care for your family convenient.

Concussion Management Program

Premier Health’s Concussion Management Program is dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of concussions.

As more athletes are getting into the game, concussions are a growing concern for players, coaches, and families. We implement the latest therapies to treat concussions, including ImPACT testing, and focus on graduated return to normal activity. Learn More.

Sports Physicals

Reports of sports related illness and unexpected deaths in recent years have pushed many to reassess the best approach to offering student athletes pre-participation physical examinations (PPPEs). 

Learn More About Sports Physicals

Physical Therapy

If you have pain or are restricted in your daily activities, our staff will work closely with your doctor to design and implement a personalized treatment program. We use manual procedures and exercise, plus education, to improve your strength and range of movement while decreasing your pain.

Our program begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine how we can best restore your physical capacity. Then, we design each treatment session to address your current condition and promote future health. 

Learn more about Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

In addition to traditional physical therapy, we offer aquatic therapy. Exercising in the water provides shock absorption and support to your body's joints and muscles. Aquatic therapy allows you to benefit from exercise without placing stress on your body. Plus, the warm water and hydrostatic pressure improve your circulation and decrease swelling.

While some states (including Ohio) recognize traditional and aquatic physical therapy, most insurance companies still require a prescription, particularly for aquatic therapy. For more information about physical therapy, ask your doctor or contact the Atrium Medical Center Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy location nearest you.

Learn more about Aquatic Therapy

Fidelity Health Care

Fidelity Health Care can offer post-surgical care for injured athletes by offering home physical and occupational therapy. 

Medical equipment such as crutches, bracing/orthotics, CPMs, wheelchairs, and a full line of durable medical equipment and supplies as needed are available to support the athlete’s care and mobility. Learn more

Preparing for Sports Medicine Treatments

Premier Health Library

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about sports medicine. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for surgery, and much more.


Content Updated: April 21, 2017

These Atrium Medical Center locations offer Sports Medicine Services.
Sports Medicine at Atrium Family YMCA
5750 Innovation Dr. Middletown, OH  45005
Sports Medicine at Atrium Health Center Trenton
3590 Busenbark Rd. Trenton, OH  45067
Sports Medicine at Franklin Physical Therapy
909 E. Second St. Franklin, OH  45005
Sports Medicine at Ralph J. Stolle Countryside YMCA
1697 Deerfield Rd. Lebanon, OH  45036
Sports Medicine in Mason
4859 Nixon Park Dr. Mason, OH  45040
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