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HEAL Program

Losing a child is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a family; the parents often feel as if they can’t survive the death. The HEAL (Help Endure a Loss) Program is available to assist families by offering comfort and reassurance in dealing with a loss of this magnitude.

Whether it’s a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal or childhood death, HEAL team members—which include Registered Nurses specially-trained in bereavement support, as well as volunteers with grief support experience—help families deal with the many issues that accompany such a loss. 

All HEAL services are offered free of charge and are intended for any family within the community who has experienced the death of a child.

The HEAL Program works to provide emotional support while attending to the logistics that surround memorializing a child. The program has many facets:

Coordination of Arrangements

HEAL representatives work with funeral homes, cemeteries, and local clergy to help coordinate funeral and burial or cremation arrangements, and they may be able to offer financial assistance for these services if needed.

Liaisons Between Families and Physicians

HEAL staff members act as liaisons between families and physicians and can often help family members have a better understanding of medical terms and diagnoses surrounding the death. HEAL will provide clothing items, blankets, and a collection of special mementos, as well as photos and other personalized items at the family’s request.

Miscarriage Support

HEAL representatives help parents with miscarriages by providing educational information and support about this often unsupported type of loss. A dedicated location has been created in a local cemetery with a committal service held annually for babies lost through miscarriage.

HEALing Together Support Groups

The death of a baby or the loss of a pregnancy brings with it unexpected pain and confusion for parents and families. Bereavement after this type of loss is often lonely and isolated because parents are often unaware of available resources they can look to for support. Learn More About HEALing Together Support Groups.

HEAL Memory Garden

Children are the greatest joys we can know in this life but when tragedy strikes and children die, life can become almost unbearable. Many families look for a place of solitude, a place to remember and to reflect - to find just a little comfort from the enormous pain.

In order to recognize and remember the precious children who have touched our lives in such profound ways, both in life and then in death, the HEAL Memory Garden has been created. Learn More About the HEAL Memory Garden.

For More Information

For more information about HEAL support services or other issues surrounding the death of a child, please contact the HEAL office at (513) 974-4056(513) 974-4056 or e-mail

Content Updated: February 16, 2018

Community Events

Learn more about our community events honoring a memory of a lost loved one.


Support Groups

HEALing Together provides parents the opportunity to to share feelings with others who have known the inconceivable sadness associated with the death of a baby.

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