Department Amenities

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) is an American College of Surgeons (ACS) accredited Level III Trauma Center with an expanded Emergency Department (ED) capable of treating 80,000 patients annually. In the first quarter of 2008, the Atrium emergency department will be equipped and staffed to handle cardiac interventional procedures. Atrium features four critical care rooms just inside the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) entrance (two for trauma, two for cardiac). Also adjacent to the Atrium EMS entrance is a dedicated Hazard Materials (HAZMAT) area.

The helicopter landing area is strategically located to allow EMS access to the Atrium ED entrance. The ED also features:

  • 2-bed observation area for 23-hour observation of patients
  • 12-bed fast track/minor care area
  • Five psychiatric/behavioral health rooms isolated from the general ED population
  • 28 general treatment rooms with cardiac monitoring available

Atrium features current clinical and information technology with a dedicated computed tomography scanner, two radiology rooms, paperless data terminals in the EMS rooms, and seven spacious operating rooms – two with trauma and cardiac capabilities.

Patient and family comfort is a top priority at Atrium. All rooms are private with no need for curtains between beds. Cell phone and wireless Internet access is available for patients and visitors.

The improved EMS process and streamlined EMS patient flow is a welcome feature at Atrium. Some of the highlights include a separate discharge/loading area for EMS-assisted discharges, canopy coverage for eight full-size squads, enhanced security, and a dedicated EMS room with areas for documentation, equipment assembling, and refreshments.

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