Patient Transfer

Patient transfers at Atrium Medical Center are actuated by a written physician order or, in emergency cases, a verbal order. Once the Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) receives the physician order, an available bed is assigned to the patient.

Transfer in Epic

The Transfer Navigator is a pre-determined set of sections that is specifically designed for the transfer workflow. This navigator allows the provider to view patient information, initiate the patient’s transfer, and manage the patient’s orders.

The transfer navigator has three components:

  • Admission – consists of sections related to reviewing Dear Doctor, Vitals and Results.
  • Documentation – consists of sections related to documentation of patient-specific information and/or data: Problem List, Allergies, Home Meds, H&P Notes, H&P Interval Notes, and Medical Staff Progress Notes.
  • Orders – consists of sections relating to the co-signing of IP orders, DVT assessment/report, the placing of new orders for transfer and reconciliation of current orders and home or PTA medications.

When signing transfer orders entered through the Transfer Navigator, the provider can only Sign – Will Be Initiated by Receiving Unit or Pend – Must Be Signed by Pending User:

Sign – Will Be Initiated by Receiving Unit – the patient will be transferred within a timely manner, and the transfer orders will be released and completed on the receiving unit. Patients often have to remain on the transferring unit related to there not being any beds available on the receiving unit. In this case, a nurse or Health Unit Coordinator/Unit Secretary can release any or all of the transferring orders, even if the patient is not on the receiving unit. This allows for orders to be initiated and completed in a timely manner to prevent delays in care or treatment. A provider cannot release any transferring orders entered through the Transfer Navigator; only a nurse or HUC through his/her Transfer activity can release the transfer orders entered through the Transfer Navigator.

Pend – Must Be Signed by Pending User – The orders are started or completed, but have not been signed. The provider will come back later to sign the orders for transmittal and completion. The orders can only be selected and signed by the originating provider.

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