Continuing Medical Education

Atrium Medical Center (Atrium) subscribes to NCME-TV™, the Network for Continuing Medical Education. NCME-TV™ is the leading online medical television service for hospitals. Atrium physicians can access NCME-TV™ from the Atrium intranet or www.ncmetv.comOff Site Icon 

MNP - Physician CalloutNCME-TV™ offers:

  • Fully CME-certified clinical programs
  • Content presented by national experts
  • State-mandated or Joint Commission-required subjects

Topics Offered by NCME TV™

NCME-TV™ provides a variety of contemporary topics of interest to primary care physicians, hospitalists, and other specialists. You'll find important subjects, including state-mandated CME topics, which are rarely covered by other CME providers. Occasionally, individual programs are supported by educational grants from industry.

Each month, a new program will be posted from one of the following main categories:

  • Masters Programs on Critical Topics in Medicine: These programs are in-depth reviews of important topics in emergency medicine, cardiology, oncology, infectious disease, gastroenterology, and other key disease states by one of the world’s master clinicians in a grand rounds–style lecture.
  • State-mandated CME Topics: These programs are important to licensure in many states and include topics such as HIV/AIDS management, domestic violence, pain management, risk management, and medical ethics.
  • Programs Covering Hospital Quality/Performance and Credentialing Issues: These programs provide information on Joint Commission requirements, quality-assurance initiatives, evidence-based practice guidelines, and clinical implementation strategies to ensure “best practices” are implemented.
  • Late-Breaking and Hot Topics: Programs in this category include updates on rapidly evolving subjects such as avian influenza and hospital preparedness for bioterrorism. Segments from this category may also include timely reports from major medical conferences.
  • Daily Medical News Alerts: These brief updates focus on breaking news that will help you stay current and prepare for patient inquiries. “Heart of the Matter” take home points and a CME evaluation are included. Each story is certified for CME credit.

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