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Volume 1, Issue 7  - July 2014


Our New Physicians

New physicians join the medical staff at each of the Premier Health hospitals. Are you interested in knowing who joined the medical staff at:


CMO article – Premier Health Group Update

July clark HSApproximately four years ago, Premier Health changed its mission statement reflect our objective of “building healthier communities.” Toward that end, there is a concerted effort across Premier to decrease variation, work as a system, improve quality outcomes, and lower cost of care. Read more

Service Line News Premier Health Cancer Institute

The current health care environment is one of extremely rapid transition, and the field of oncology is no exception. Recent advances in the study of oncology have clearly demonstrated that cancer is not one disease, but rather a multitude of diseases with astounding variation and adaptability. Recognizing that the optimal solution requires a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, Premier Health’s oncology services at Miami Valley Hospital, Miami Valley Hospital South, Good Samaritan Hospital, Good Samaritan North Health Center, Atrium Medical Center, and Upper Valley Medical Center have strengthened over the past year through a combined, comprehensive approach to service delivery - the “Premier Health Cancer Institute.” Read more.

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